Friday, July 18, 2008

Winner, Winner, Winner!!!

Last Wednesday, Rick did another mountain bike race at Soldier Hollow. No, he didnt beat the '8-year old' yet, but he did come in right behind him...he's getting closer! But, he did win this great jersey...way to go Rick! Here he is in his new jersey getting ready to go for a morning ride on his awesome Fuji bike.


Christina said...

Hi Anna, You have a fun and beautiful blog site. You are so very creative with pictures, background and music. Love from you Swede mamma.

Unknown said...

Hi Anna! I stumbled across your blog. Hope that's okay. Can I add you to my friends list? Congrats to Rick! Way to go!

Anna M. said...

Hi Ashlee! You are welcome to add me to your friend's list. Can I read your blog and add you to my list too? Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)