Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look What I Got!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Rick and I spent the day boating and fishing with my parents on Strawberry. I got two things...a bad sunburn and two fish (so, I guess I really got three things). Here is a picture of me with one of the fish I caught...

You can't really see my sunburn in this picture, but just imagine lobster-red skin on my neck and arms with some pretty white skin everywhere else. It still hurts and burns today. It's amazing what a few hours in the sun can do to you...I guess I applied the sunscreen a little too late. I didn't get to keep either of the fish I caught, since they were over 15" but less than 22"...they have to be smaller than 15" or larger than 22". Maybe I'll have better luck next time. I was hoping that I could take some fish home so that I wouldn't have to think about what I was going to make for dinner. Speaking of dinner...what am I going to make today...?

Binding update: I am making progress...yeah!!!! I'm hoping to have four of my quilts finished by this Wednesday, as a bunch of us are getting together for a binding party Tuesday night. I'll post pictures of my completed quilts then! =)


Kimberly Wright said...

Sorry about your sunburn but nice going on the "catch of the day" :) Kim

erica e said...

well, you are quite the fisherwoman! you look beautiful holding up that big ol' hunk of fish.