Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Zoo

Last Saturday, while Logan's parents were still out of town, we took him to Hogle Zoo. This was the first time he had been to the zoo and he had a lot of fun - he loves animals. His favorites were the monkeys, the giraffes, the bird show, the carousel, and the zoofari train ride. Of course, he loves his farfar and farmor (grandpa and grandma in Swedish)! Here he is posing for the camera with them:
When we were waiting in line for the carousel, he kept saying that he wanted to ride the 'yion' (lion), but someone ahead of him took it so he got his second choice...a big black bear.
My favorite thing at the zoo is the bird's really neat and these big, beautiful birds fly right over your head. At the end, you can donate money for conservation hold out your money and a bird takes it and drops it into the bin...Logan thought that was fun.
It was a fun day at the zoo! Thanks again, Erik and Cheryl, for sharing Logan with us! We love being able to spend time with him. =)