Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day at the Farm

While Erik & Cheryl are out of town, we are lucky enough to help my parents take care of my cute little nephew, Logan! Yesterday, we all went to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point to see the animals. As we walked in, Logan told Farfar (grandpa in Swedish - my mom is from Sweden) that he was going to be brave...and he was so brave. He fed the animals, rode on the pony ride, played around the Discovery Gardens, and pretty much had a great day, or as he put it "Me having fun!". (Erik and Cheryl...this post is for you.)

Here is a picture of him at the start of the day with Rick...he's so excited to be around the animals!
Here he is feeding the first he only threw the food into their pen, but he got braver and let them eat of his hand, but then went back to throwing the food to them. Logan riding the pony with Rick...he said that this pony's name was 'Donkey Horsey' and he kept yelling out that he was a cowboy! Logan behind bars in 'Jail'.

Logan climbing out of the bear den.
Logan, Rick, and I petting all of the pretty horses...they had such soft noses!

This next picture is my favorite from the day. We ate lunch at the Deli at Thanksgiving point and I ordered a piece of chocolate mousse cake with a chocolate-covered strawberry on top (soooooooo delicious, by the way). Well, I gave Logan a fork and told him he could have a bite (thinking he would use his fork), and he said 'okay', picked up the plate and put the whole thing to his face...trying to take a bite out of the strawberry on top while it was still attached to the cake...he had chocolate mousse frosting all over his face! He said it was yummy, though...and it made for a cute picture! =)
He is too cute! Hope you are having fun, Erik and Cheryl...before you know it, you'll be home...thanks for sharing your cute little boy with us - we're having so much fun! =)


Kristine said...

That looks like a fun time! I don't think I've ever been there. Micah doesn't really like touching animals. Oh well looks fun for Logan!

Debbie said...

Looks like everyone was having fun at the farm. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for leaving such sweet comments about my haunted house.



Prudy said...

What a little cutie pie. We taken our kids to thanksgiving point many times and they never ever tire of that pony ride.

Debbie said...

Hi Anna, I wanted to stop by and let you know you are a Winner!! You won at my Tea Party. If you would email me your address I will get your goodies in the mail.



Sara said...

Just too cute! I love the pic of him with the chocolate all over his face! Sometimes I miss those days!