Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yum, Yum, Good!

Well, now that Rick is no longer doing the mountain bike races on Wednesday evenings, I found myself with some free time last night! I decided to take full advantage and make a couple of the yummy recipes I find on other blogs. For dinner, I made Prudy's Corn and Black Bean Salad with Cumin Lime Viniagrette, and boy, was it delicious!
I did the meal option by adding the brown rice and meat. We also added some yellow pear tomatoes from our garden because we have lots and are trying to get them eaten before they go bad. For the meat, I just bought a rotisserie chicken on the way home from work, shredded some, and threw it in. It was so quick and easy...only took a few minutes to make...the longest being cooking the rice (I used the quick 'minute' kind). My husband loved it too...having seconds and thirds! I loved it so much that I had it as a midnight snack last night, for breakfast this morning, and I'm taking it to work for lunch. =)

I also made Penny's Coconut Ice recipe that she got from Naomi.
As soon as I read her blog and saw this recipe, I was reminded of those Brach's candies that I loved as a little girl, but rarely see anymore (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place). I knew instantly that these would be a favorite...and only 4 ingredients (plus some food coloring)...that's my kind of recipe!
I also wrapped up some in waxed paper like little candies...can't wait to add some to my lunch bag...if they last that long! I think the only thing I'd do different next time is either add more coconut or less sugar...I'd like them to be a little firmer, but either way they are still delicious!
Thanks to everyone out there for providing me with such yummy recipes! You're the best!

Have a wonderful day! =)


Christina said...

Hi Anna,

I also copied Prudy's Corn and Black Bean Salad recipe. I am going to make it this weekend and hope it will taste as good as yours did. Love your blog!

The Blonde Duck said...

Your dinner looks great! Doesn't Prudy have the best recipes? Thanks so much for the sweet comment on Prudy's blog. I'm delighted I get to drag my birthday out for two more weeks. :)

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Anna! I love the way you wrapped your coconut ice! Those were my thoughts too, next time, more coconut!! Have you tried Prudy's black bean burgers yet? I want to give them a whirl this weekend, they look so good!

Thimbleanna said...

Aren't blogs fabulous? So full of great recipes and ideas!

Kristine said...

All that food is making me hungry, looks so yummy!

Prudy said...

OH, the addition of yellow pear tomatoes sounds delicious. I'm so glad that you liked the salad.:) I used minute rice too and I'll often use those new bags of frozen brown rice that you can steam in the micro. Those coconut treats are beautiful!