Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bees, Bees, and More Bees!

I think my favorite thing about quilting is swapping quilt blocks with other people. I love the thought of making something for someone else...probably why most of my quilts end up as gifts for other people. :) It's also very exciting to see what kind of quilt block I'm going to get in return...I've never been disappointed. I've participated in several swaps through my local quilt group, and also swaps of fabric or projects across the country in the past, but I recently discovered online quilting bees...and I love them! I've signed up for several quilting bees and I've already started working on the blocks. I'll post them as I finish them. Here are the bees I'm participating in:

Freedom Block Swap - Round 3. Each participant sends fabric to the other participants and then each participant makes a 12.5" block and sends it back by March you end up with a bunch of different blocks using fabrics you selected. I sent different combinations of these fabrics from the Sunkissed fabric line by Sweetwater for Moda to the other 16 people in my group:Twice as Nice Bee - each person makes two blocks per month for one year. We focus on one member each month. That person sends out fabric and instructions for the type of blocks they'd like to receive in return. The first month will be February and it will be all different types of houses...I haven't received my assignment, but I'm excited to get it because it will stretch me and my creativity...just what I want!

[3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee - each person makes one 12.5" block for the others in the group, using fabrics from your own stash, and based on the other person's requested color choices. I was just assigned to a group as a fill-in for someone that couldn't participate. I chose pink, orange, brown, and white as my colors. All the blocks that I make for the others will be the same, but just with different fabrics...and they need to be done by March 15th.

Civil War Quilts 2011 - this is one to work on just for yourself. Every Saturday a new block is posted (actually a link to Barbara's site where she's discussing the 150th anniversary of the Civil War). I have completed the following 8.5" blocks:

This is Week 1 - Catch Me If You Can

This is Week 2 - North Star - I must not have followed the directions very good, because my points will be cut off if I sew this into a quilt top. I may try again.

This is Week 4 - Texas Tears - I loved making this block! It was fun and went together so quickly!

You probably notice that Week 3 is missing. It's applique and hasn't been finished yet. It's called 7 Sisters, I believe...7 stars on an 8.5" square.

If you're interested in bees...check out any of my links above...Quilting Bee Blocks lists upcoming quilting bees you can join...and they have a blog that's pretty cool, too.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you posted again. How are you guys doing?