Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally Finished!

Since it's taken me so long to finish this quilt, I'm embarrased to admit it, but this is the very first quilt I ever made, and now it has finally been bound (only took 8 years) and I can call it done! About 8-1/2 years or so ago when I first started quilting, my mother and I bought this pattern called Yellow Brick Road because we were each going to make a quilt...hers was going to be blue, yellow, and white. I bought all of the fabric at Wal-Mart...before I knew that not all fabrics are created equal...nothing against Wal-Mart fabrics, though...I think the quilt still turned out nicely (even though it's not my favorite and that's why it's taken me so long to finish). Shortly after starting this quilt I discovered quilt store fabric and prefer to use that now.

I'm almost done binding another quilt, so I'll post that one soon!
Hope you have a great day and Happy Sewing! =)


Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo -- Congrats on a fine finish! I have some old finishes too -- thanks for the inspiration!

Christina said...

At least you finished yours. I haven't even started mine yet. Actually, I have cut out some material for it.

sewtakeahike said...

What a load off Anna! It turned out beautiful! I have grown up with my fabric choices as well. I figure if you're gonna spend all that time making something, you may as well make it to last and some of the "cheaper" fabrics just don't last even though they are beautiful!

Lana said...

Congrats on finishing. You've obviously learned a ton since you started that quilt- it shows in all your pics of your projects. You are a quilting queen :)

Elizabeth said...

It looks great! I wouldn't dare put my first quilt on my blog. It's awful! Your first quilt is way, way better than mine!