Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Body Worlds

Can I just tell you how amazing the human body is!!! Last Saturday, my cute husband and I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. If you live in the area, I would recomend that you go! For those of you that might be a little squimish, please know that it isn't gross at all...but rather educational, instructive, and inspiring. It was interesting to watch people moving their hands or other parts of their bodies while looking at the exhibit...learning about what makes their body such an awesome machine.

Even though I'm a nurse, and I also student-taught human anatomy (in the cadaver lab) for three years, I still learned a lot at the exhibit. It was really nice to put some things in perspective. For example, we know that the average human heart pumps about 18,000 gallons of blood A DAY, which sounds like a lot...and is a lot...but, when you see a room full of huge oil drums as representing a day's work of the heart, you really begin to see what an amazing organ that is. The lungs were another really neat thing to look at. Also, how migraines affect the brain...I get migraines so this was something I really wanted to see.

One of the areas that I was really touched by was the area on babies and human development. They had varying stages of embryonic and fetal growth. For those of you that have read my 'Little Baby Feet' post, you can probably understand why I was so touched by this. And, I think anyone that has experienced a miscarriage would feel the same way. When you experience a miscarriage it feels like a bad have no proof...nothing that you saw (besides the pregnancy test) or felt to prove that you were pregnant. I have lost babies at 6 weeks, 9 weeks, and 11-12 weeks. It was further proof to me that there really was a baby in there. The one at the exhibit that I was most interested in was the one at nine weeks. At nine weeks, the baby has arms, hands, and has legs, feet, and looks like a very miniature person. Even though I never saw that or felt that when I was pregnant, it doesn't mean that it didn't exist. I was so touched, and surprisingly comforted, as I saw these babies and had to blink back the tears. I think it was nice for my husband to see he squeezed my hand and gave me a hug as we walked through.

Another area I found touching was on organ donation...I am an organ donor, and I would be honored to know that in my death I gave someone another chance at life...althougth I hope I don't die for a really, really long time! =) They had a letter that someone had written after receiving a new heartfelt and moving.

I know that there is a lot of controversy over the Body Worlds in general throughout the country, as it is a traveling exhibit. But, all that aside, it was an amazing exhibit...very educational and inspiring. Both my husband and I left with a greater appreciation of our bodies and how to treat them...we want to be healthy and happy. How grateful I am for my body, even with its limitations, and for the amazing things that it does every day for me without my even thinking about it! Our bodies truly are an amazing gift!


Christina said...

I knew you would like the exhibit. It is right up your alley. It is truly amazing and beyond comprehension everything our body does!

Nanette Merrill said...

My daughter and her boyfriend went to this exhibit. They both really liked it. Her favorite was the fetus room. It is so amazing.

Sara said...

I have not heard of this exhibit - but it would be wonderful to see.

Did not realize that you had lost three children...I am so sorry to hear that...but, I know in my heart that our Heavenly Father will return those children to you in the celestial kingdom.

Sherri said...

I had never heard of the exhibit, but it sounds amazing. Also, I'm crying now...went back and read your "Little Baby Feet" post, and my heart just goes out to you! I've never had a miscarriage, but I am so amazed at your ability to so beautifully write about your feelings and experiences. You have an awesome perspective and a very inspiring faith. I only know you through blogging, yet I know you will be able to walk and talk with your three children someday...and you will be a wonderful mother!

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Anna, I went to BodyWorlds a couple years ago when it was in Denver. I know so many people who came away from it inspired! I'm amazed how they are able to preserve all those bodies.

Prudy said...

I was touched to read both this post and your little baby feet post. I have been through some of what you have experienced, although now I am on the other end with two little ones, after many years of wishing and wanting. I'd love to talk to you more, but this is hardly the place. My email is

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Anna, your post brought tears to my eyes! I'm so sorry for your lost babies. I'd love to see the Body Worlds exhibit. When I visited my son a few weeks ago, he took us to his anatomy lab and showed us what he'd been doing so intensely for several weeks and it was fascinating! I SO chose the wrong career path! ;-) Thanks for an interesting post!