Friday, August 8, 2008

SEW Many Things to Make...SEW Little Time...

In visiting different blogs, searching the internet, and during my shopping trips, I have found so many things that I want to make and try...and you all are so kind to post the tutorials! I love you all!

Things I Want to Try aka UPCOMING PROJECTS:

* Baby Butterfly Quilt - small wallhanging pattern I picked up on sale for $1.65 the other day
* American Jane Pretzel Quilt
* Pretty much anything on Penny's blog Sew Take a Hike, but specifically her Chrysanthemum Hot Pad and her Kitchen Scrubbie (click on the links for the tutorials)
* Butterflies on Lisa's blog Celebrate Creativity In All Its Forms
* Lynnette Anderson's Noah's Ark Block of the Month - I think this will go quickly, as I can take it with me and work on it anywhere =)

Of course, there are many, many, many more things that I've seen that I'd like to try, but if I posted about all of them then my post would be never-ending! So, once I finish this list, I'll post another and start on a whole new list! =)

Things I'm Currently Having Fun Working On:

* Bag for my secret partner in Linda's Bag/Bucket Swap - I need to finish it by the first week in September, so it's Priority #1 on my list right now!
* Fabric Labels - thanks to Penny's label tutorial
* Yo-Yo quilt - 112 made, only 1,800 to go - a nice project when I'm watching tv
* Cathedral Windows quilt - moving on from my practice piece from an earlier post to a larger version - thanks to Hyena in Petticoats tutorial
* Of Course...all of the quilts on my side bar...slow and steady wins the race! =)

Thank you to everyone for your impressive creative genius and imagination! I see your work and I am always so impressed!

I really love having a creative outlet...a place where I can contemplate things in my life...a place where I can let my imagination run wild, dream, hope... Of course, I do enjoy the company of others, but sometimes it's nice to just sit and sew or work on a project...a nice balance.

On a side note...I think I'm going to do a giveaway for my birthday later this month. Since it's for my birthday, it'll include all of my favorite things, of'll have to check back later if you want to win! =)


sewtakeahike said...

Hi Anna, my, my, you have a lot going on in the creative arena! I clicked on the bag swap when I first found your blog hoping there would still be an opening but to no avail. Linda emailed me and said there would be another, so I'll just have to wait....
Thank-you so much for all your sweet comments about my creations!

erica e said...

sounds like a great list of planned projects. its good to keep busy, huh? i hadn't seen that noah's ark bom and it is
REALLY cute. i can't wait to see yours. happy early bday. a giveaway sounds fun. :)